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General Databases
Machine Learning Databases
Computer Vision Test Images

Image Databases
The Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark

Yale Face Database
The UMIST Face Database
The AR Face Database
Fingerprint verification Database

Motion/Video Databases
DARPA Image Understanding Motion Benchmark
Images & sequences for vision research
CAVIAR Test Case Scenarios

Medical Images
MedPix Medical Image databas

Medical Image Databases on the Internet
Stare data Base - STructured Analysis of the Retina
DRIVE: Digital Retinal Images for Vessel Extraction
SCR database: Segmentation in Chest Radiographs
Standardized Evaluation Methodology for 2D-3D Registration

Other Databases

  • The PASCAL Object Recognition Database Collection 
    Standardised collection of object recognition databases (bicycles, buses, cats, cars, cows, dogs, horses, motorbikes, people, sheep,..., in arbitrary pose):
    - Provides standardised ground truth object annotations across all databases
    - Provides a common set of tools for accessing and managing the database annotations (MatLab)
  • NIST Special Databases  
    Listing of test data produced by the Image Group for use in evaluating automated OCR, fingerprint classification/matching, and face recognition systems.
  • Data set of Homo Sapiens Exon, Intron and Splice regions extracted from GenBank Rel.123.

    The aim of this data set is to give standardized material to train and to assess the prediction accuracy of computational approaches for gene identification and characterization.

  • Carnegie Mellon University Test Images
    Quite disorganized collection of test images for Image Processing.