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  • Tuesday, September 27 — 19:00-21:00
  • Wednesday, September 28 — 8:00-17:00
  • Thursday, September 29 — 8:00-17:00
  • Friday, September 30 — 8:00-17:00

Oral Presentations

  • 15 minutes per presentation + 5 minutes for questions
  • Computer, data show, and overhead projector are available

Poster Presentations

  • Poster size (max): height = 115 cm; width = 115 cm

General Information

  • Oral presentations: 80 papers
  • Poster presentations: 59 papers
  • Total sessions: 24 (21 oral + 3 poster)

Conference Program

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ICIAR 2005 Program Details
Time ID Title Author(s) Type
September 27, 2005
19:00-21:00 Registration    
September 28, 2005
8:00-17:00 Registration    
8:45   Welcome    
9:00   Invited Talk I    
  Multimedia Signal Processing and Content-Based Image Retrieval Anastasios (Tas) N. Venetsanopoulos
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30   Session WAS01 - Image Segmentation    
  302 Image Segmentation for the Application of the Neugebauer Colour Prediction Model for Inkjet Printed Ceramic Tiles Pedro Latorre, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Mario A. T. Figueiredo Oral
  384 FCM with Spatial and Multiresolution Constraints for Image
Adel Hafiane and Bertrand Zavidovique Oral
  463 Edge detection models Q. H. Zhang, S. Gao and Tien D. Bui Oral
  484 Localization Scale Selection for Scale-Space Segmentation Sokratis Makrogiannis and Nikolaos Bourbakis Oral
10:30   Session WAS02 - Biomedical Applications I    
  170 A New Method for DNA Microarray Image Segmentation Luis Rueda, Li Qin Oral
  209 Vector Median Root Signals Determination for cDNA Microarray Image Segmentation Rastislav Lukac and Konstantinos N. Plataniotis Oral
  236 Comparative Pixel-Level Exudate Recognition in Colour Retinal Images Alireza Osareh, Bita Shadgar, Richard Markham Oral
  272 A Model-Based Hematopoietic Stem Cell Tracker Nezamoddin Nezamoddini-Kachouie, Leo J. Lee and Paul Fieguth Oral
  402 Carotid Artery Ultrasound Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Growing Amr R. Abdel-Dayem and Mahmoud R. El-Sakka Oral
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00   Session WPS03 - Image and Video Processing and Analysis I    
  233 Image Denoising Using Complex Wavelets and Markov  Prior Models Fu Jin, Paul Fieguth, Lowell Winger Oral
  268 Mutual information-based methods to improve local region of interest image registration K.P. Wilkie and E.R. Vrscay Oral
  282 A New Vector Median Filter Based on Fuzzy Metrics Samuel Morillas, Valentin Gregori, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnes, Pedro Latorre Oral
  291 Image Denoising using Neighbor and Level Dependency Dongwook Cho, Tien D. Bui, and Guangyi Chen Oral
14:00   Session WPS04 - Biomedical Applications II    
  180 Automated Snake Initiation for the Segmentation of the Prostate in Ultrasound Images S. Rahnamayan, H.R. Tizhoosh, M.M.A Salama Oral
  294 A Border Irregularity Measure Using a Modified Conditional Entropy Method as a Malignant Melanoma Predictor B.S. Aribisala and Ela Claridge Oral
  310 Artificial Life Feature Selection Techniques for Prostrate Cancer Diagnosis Using TRUS Images S.S. Mohamed, A.M.Youssef, E.F El-Saadany, M.M.A. Salama Oral
  381 Automatic Hepatic Tumor Segmentation Using Composite Hypotheses Kyung-Sik Seo Oral
  495 Bayesian Differentiation of Multi-scale Line-Structures for Model-free Instrument Segmentation in Thoracoscopic Images Luke Windisch, Farida Cheriet, Guy Grimard Oral
15:30   Poster Session WPSP1     Topic
  171 A New Approach to Automatically Detecting Grids in DNA Microarray Images Luis Rueda, Vidya Vidyadharan Poster Biomedical Applications
  196 Segmentation of Ultrasonic Images of the Carotid Rui Rocha, Aurélio Campilho, Jorge Silva Poster Biomedical Applications
  211 Wavelet Image Denoising using Localized Thresholding Operators Mohsen Ghazel, George H. Freeman,  Edward R. Vrscay,  Rabab K. Ward Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  224 A Narrow-Band Level-Set Method with Dynamic Velocity for Embryonic Stem Cell Cluster Segmentation Nezamoddin Nezamoddini-Kachouie and Paul Fieguth Poster Biomedical Applications
  238 Neural Network Adaptive Switching Median Filter for the Restoration of Impulse Noise Corrupted Images Pavel S. Zvonarev, Ilia V. Apalkov, Vladimir V. Khryashchev, Irina V. Reznikova Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  259 Real-Time Digital Image Warping for Display Distortion Correction Dongil Han Poster Real time imaging
  279 Complexity-Controllable Motion Estimation for Real-Time Video Encoder Zhi Yang, Haixiang Zhang, Jiajun Bu, Chun Chen Poster Real time imaging
  290 Multi Dimensional Color Histograms for Segmentation of Wounds in Images Marina Kolesnik, Ales Fexa Poster Biomedical Applications
  305 A Multi-Level Framework for Video Shot Structuring Yun Zhai, Mubarak Shah Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  326 Genetic Model-Based Segmentation of Chest X-ray Images using Free Form Deformations Carlos Vinhais and Aurélio Campilho Poster Biomedical Applications
  330 Type-2 Fuzzy Image Enhancement P. Ensafi, H.R. Tizhoosh Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  413 SAR Image Segmentation Using Kernel Based Spatial FCM Xiangrong Zhang, Tan Shan, Shuang Wang, and Licheng Jiao Poster Image Segmentation
  416 Digital Video Scrambling Using Motion Vector and Slice Relocation Sang Gu Kwon, Woong Il Choi, and  Byeungwoo Jeon Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  424 Robust global mosaic topology estimation for real-time applications Nuno Silva and João Costeira Poster Real time imaging
  448 Feature Extraction for Classification of Thin-Layer Chromatography Images António V. Sousa, Ana Maria Mendonça, Aurélio Campilho, Rui Aguiar, C. Sá Miranda Poster Biomedical Applications
  466 Suppression of stripe artifacts in mammograms using weighted median filtering Michael Wirth, Dennis Nikitenko Poster Biomedical Applications
  470 Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms using a Difference of Optimized Gaussian Filters Samuel Oporto-Díaz, Rolando Hernández-Cisneros, Hugo Terashima-Marín Poster Biomedical Applications
  472 Skew Estimation and Correction for Form Documents Using Dihua Xi, Mohamed Kamel and Seong-Whan Lee Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  476 All-In-Focus Imaging Using a Series of Different Focal Plane Images Mark Antunes, Michael Trachtenberg, and Gabriel Thomas Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  496 Scalable e-Learning Multimedia Adaptation Architecture Mazen Almaoui, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
17:00   Session WPS05 -  Image and Video Processing and Analysis II    
  283 Efficient Global Least-Squares Template Matching in the Frequency Domain Jeff Orchard Oral
  331 Time Oriented Video Summarization Chao Qiang Liu, Tao Xia, Hui Li, Oral
  431 Shadow Removal in Gradient Domain Zhenlong Du, Xueying qin, Hujun Bao, Wei Hua Oral
  488 Isotropic Blur Identification for Fully Digital Auto-Focusing Jeongho Shin, Sunghyun Hwang, Seong-Won Lee, and Joonki Paik Oral
17:00   Session WPS06 - Real-Time Imaging    
  187 Real-time Image Processing Using Graphics Hardware: A Performance Study Minglun Gong; Aaron Langille; Mingwei Gong Oral
  293 Fixed Pixel Threshold PDC Algorithm and Its Implementation Lynn Yang ,Majid Ahmadi Oral
  316 Robust Background Updating for Real-time Surveillance Xingzhi Luo, Suchendra M. Bhandarkar Oral
  471 Evaluation and Improvements of a Real-Time Background Subtraction Method Donatello Conte, Pasquale Foggia, Michele Petretta, Francesco Tufano, Mario Vento Oral
20:00   Reception    
September 29, 2005
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Session TAS07 - Image and Video Coding    
  376 Automatically Detecting Symmetries in Decorative Tiles Rafael Dueire Lins and Daniel Marques Oliveira Oral
  390 An Efficient Video Watermarking Scheme Using Adaptive Threshold and Minimum Modification on Motion Vectors Kyung-Won Kang, Kwang-Seok Moon, Jong-Nam Kim Oral
  404 Grayscale Two-Dimensional Lempel-Ziv Encoding Nathanael J. Brittain and Mahmoud R. El-Sakka Oral
  492 Lossless Compression of Correlated Images/Data with Low Complexity Encoder Using Distributed Source Coding Techniques Mortuza Ali and Manzur Murshed Oral
9:00   Session TAS08 - Colour Analysis    
  198 High Order Extrapolation using Taylor Series for Color Filter Array Demosaicing J.S. Jimmy Li and Sharmil Randhawa Oral
  307 Soft-Switching Adaptive Technique of Impulsive Noise  Removal in Color Images Bogdan Smolka, Kostas Plataniotis Oral
  308 Ultrafast  Technique of Impulsive  Noise Removal with Application to Microarray Image Denoising Bogdan smolka, Kostas Plataniotis Oral
  379 Color Indexing by Nonparametric Statistics Ian Fraser and Michael Greenspan Oral
10:00 Coffee Break
11:00   Session TAS09 - Shape and Matching    
  373 Marrying level lines for stereo or motion Nikom Suvonvorn, Samia Bouchafa, Bertrand Zavidovique Oral
  432 Affine Invariant, Model-Based Object Recognition Using Robust Metrics and Bayesian Statistics Vasileios Zografos and Bernard F. Buxton Oral
  479 Efficient Multiscale Shape-Based Representation and Retrieval Ibrahim El Rube', Naif Alajlan,  Mohamed Kamel, Maher Ahmed, George Freeman Oral
  511 Envelope Detection of Multi-Object Shapes N. Alajlan, O. El Badawy,  M. S. Kamel, and  G. Freeman Oral
11:00   Session TAS10 - Texture Analysis    
  267 Rotation-invariant Texture Classification Using Steerable Gabor Filter Bank Wumo Pan, T. D. Bui, C. Y. Suen Oral
  347 Texture Classification Based on the Fractal Performance of the Moment Feature Images Guitao Cao, Pengfei Shi, Bing Hu Oral
  389 Multiresolution Histograms for SVM-based Texture Classification Srinivas Andra, Yongjun Wu Oral
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00   Session TPS11 - Image Description and Recognition I    
  232 Estimating the natural number of classes on hierarchically clusteres multi-spectral images Andre R. S. Marcal, Janete S. Borges Oral
  338 Image Space I3 and Eigen Curvature for Illumination Insensitive Face Detection Christian Bauckhage and John K. Tsotsos Oral
  346 Image Deformation using Velocity Fields: An Exact Solution Jeff Orchard Oral
  467 Object Shape Extraction Based on the Piecewise Linear Skeletal Representation Roman M. Palenichka and Marek B. Zaremba Oral
14:00   Session TPS12 - Motion Analysis    
  356 Dynamic Water Motion Analysis and Rendering Yunjun Zhang, Mubarak Shah Oral
  372 Mapping Local Image Deformations into Depth Stephen Benoit and Frank P. Ferrie Oral
  385 2D Shape Measurement of Multiple Moving Objects by GMM Background Modeling and Optical Flow Dongxiang Zhou, Hong Zhang Oral
  445 Motion Segmentation Using a K-nearest-Neighbor-Based Fusion Procedure of Spatial and Temporal Label Cues Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Max Mignotte Oral
15:30   Poster Session TPSP2     Topic
  179 Layer Based Multiple Description Packetized Coding Canhui Cai, Jing Chen Poster Image and Video Coding
  193 Design of Tree Filter Algorithm for RNG Module jinkeun hong Poster Image and Video Coding
  208 Extended Application of Scalable Video Coding Methods Zhi-gang Li, Zhao-yang Zhang, Biao Wu, and Ying Zhang Poster Image and Video Coding
  235 A Comparative Study of Skin-Color Models Juwei Lu and Qian Gu and K.N. Plataniotis and Jie Wang Poster Colour Analysis
  242 Image Analysis by Discrete Orthogonal Hahn Moments Jian Zhou, Huazhong Shu, Hongqing Zhu,Christine Toumoulin, Limin Luo Poster Image Description and Recognition
  252 Lip Reading based on Sampled Active Contour Model Takeshi Saitoh and Ryosuke Konishi Poster Image Description and Recognition
  278 Speed Optimization of a MPEG-4 Software Decoder Based on ARM Family Cores Linjian Mo, Haixiang Zhang, Jiajun Bu, Chun Chen Poster Image and Video Coding
  313 On Object Classification: Artificial vs. Natural Minhwan Kim, Changmin Park, and Kyongmo Koo Poster Image Description and Recognition
  362 Description of Digital Images by Region-based Contour Trees Shinobu Mizuta, Tetsuya Matsuda Poster Image Description and Recognition
  364 Adaptive Colorimetric Characterization of Digital Camera with White Balance Soo-Wook Jang, Eun-Su Kim, Sung-Hak Lee, and Kyu-Ik Sohng Poster Colour Analysis
  368 MPEG-2 Test Stream with Static Test Patterns in DTV System Soo-Wook Jang, Gwang-Soon Lee, Eun-Su Kim, Sung-Hak Lee,and Kyu-Ik Sohng Poster Image and Video Coding
  369 Predictive Estimation Method To Track Occluded Multiple Objects Using Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter Heungkyu Lee and Hanseok Ko Poster Tracking
  411 Accelerated Implementation of H.264 Motion Estimation Algorithm on Imagine Stream Processor Haiyan Li, Chunyuan Zhang, Mei Wen, Nan Wu, Li Li, Changqing Xun Poster Image and Video Coding
  415 Description Selection Scheme for Intermediate frame based Multiple Description Video Streaming Pavan S.,Sridhar G.,Sridhar V. Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  423 Efficient Moving Object Segmentation Algorithm for Illumination Change in Surveillance System Tae-Yeon Jung, Ju-Young Kim, and Duk-Gyoo Kim Poster Motion Analysis
  425 Unequal Error Protection Using Convolutional Codes for PCA-Coded Images Sabina Hosic, Aykut Hocanin and Hasan Demirel Poster Image and Video Coding
  428 Video Stabilization Using Kalman Filter and Phase Correlation Matching Ohyun Kwon, Jeongho Shin, and Joonki Paik Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  442 A Fast Video Mixing Method for Multiparty Video Conference Xin-Gang Liu, Kook-Yeol Yoo, and Kwang-Deok Seo Poster Image and Video Coding
  505 Compressing 2-D Shapes using Concavity Trees O. El Badawy and M. Kamel Poster Image Description and Recognition
  513 Fast Viseme Recognition for Talking Head Application Mariusz Leszczynski, Wladyslaw Skarbek, and Stanislaw Badura Poster Image Description and Recognition
17:00   Session TPS13 - Image Description and Recognition II    
  226 A Generic Shape Matching with Anchoring of Knowledge Primitives of Object Ontology Dongil Han, Bum-Jae You, Yong Se Kim, Il Hong Suh Oral
  325 Statistical Object Recognition Including Color Modeling Marcin Grzegorzek and Heinrich Niemann Oral
  433 Determining Multiscale Image Feature Angles from Complex Wavelet Phases Ryan Anderson, Nick Kingsbury, Julien Fauqueur Oral
  475 Cylinder Rotational Orientation Based on Circle Detection Gabriel Thomas, Rajat Jayas, and Cam Kaye Oral
17:00   Session TPS14 - Tracking    
  315 A Novel Tracking Framework Using Kalman Filtering and Elastic Matching Suchendra M. Bhandarkar, Xingzhi Luo Oral
  460 Real Time Head Tracking Via Camera Saccade and Shape-Fitting Jason Z. Zhang, Ye Lu, and Q. M. Jonathan Wu Oral
  498 Maintaining Trajectories of Salient Objects for Robust Visual Tracking Filiz Bunyak, S.R. Subramanya Oral
  506 A fast real-time skin detector for video sequences Farhad Dadgostar, Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh Oral
19:00   Banquet    
September 30, 2005
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk II    
  Next-Generation Bioimaging Systems Jelena Kovacevic
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30   Session FAS15 - Image Retrieval and Indexing    
  285 Shape Similarity Measurement for Boundary Based Features Nafiz Arica and Fatos T. Yarman Vural Oral
  358 Probabilistic Similarity Measures in Image Databases with SVM based Categorization Md. Mahmudur Rahman, Prabir Bhattacharyya and Bipin C. Desai Oral
  439 Improving shape-based CBIR for natural image content using a modified GFD Yupeng Li,Matthew Kyan, Ling Guan Oral
  494 Content-based Image Retrieval Using Perceptual Shape Features Mei Wu and Qigang Gao Oral
10:30   Session FAS16 - Face Recognition & Biometrics I    
  398 Robust Face Recognition from Images with Varying Pose Jae-Young Choi, Murlikrishna Viswanathan, Taeg-Keun Whangbo,Young-Gyu Yang, Nak-Bin Kim Oral
  409 Face Recognition Using Optimized 3D Information from Stereo Images Changhan Park, Seanae Park, Jeongho Shin, Joonki Paik, and Jaechan Namkung Oral
  446 Feature Extraction Used for Face Localization Based on Skin Color Juan J. de Dios, Narciso Garcia Oral
  451 Rotation-Invariant Facial Feature Detection Using Gabor Wavelet and Local Entropy Ehsan Fazl Ersi, John S. Zelek Oral
14:00   Session FPS17 - 3D Imaging    
  256 Text-Pose Estimation in 3D Using Edge-Direction Distributions Marius Bulacu and Lambert Schomaker Oral
  342 Three-Dimensional Planar Profile Registration in 3D Scanning João Filipe Ferreira and Jorge Dias Oral
  434 3D Geometry Reconstruction from a Stereoscopic Video Sequence A. Salgado and J. Sánchez Oral
  444 A Neural Network-Based Algorithm for 3D Multispectral Scanning Applied to Multimedia Alamin Mansouri Oral
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00   Session FPS18 - Face Recognition & Biometrics II    
  213 Facial Asymmetry: A New Robust Biometric in the Frequency Domain Sinjini Mitra, Marios Savvides, B.V.K.Vijaya Kumar Oral
  383 Face Recognition -- Combine Generic and Specific Solutions Jie Wang, Juwei Lu, K.N.Plataniotis and A.N.Venetsanopoulos Oral
  407 Occluded Face Recognition by means of the IFS Abate Andrea F., Michele Nappi, Daniel Riccio, Maurizio Tucci Oral
  485 Verification of Biometric Palmprint Patterns Using Optimal Trade-off Filter Classifiers Pablo Hennings, Marios Savvides, and B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar Oral
15:30   Poster Session FPSP3     Topic
  177 The Effect of Facial Expression Recognition based on the Continuous Dimensions of Emotion using PCA Representation and Neural Networks Young-Suk  Shin Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  178 A steganography method for digital images robust to RS steganalysis Andre R. S. Marcal, Patricia R. Pereira Poster Special Session: Image Secret Sharing
  183 Facial Component Detection for Efficient Facial Characteristic Point Extraction Jeong-Su Oh, Dong-Wook Kim, Jin-Tae Kim Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  205 Enhanced Facial Feature Extraction using Region-based Super-resolution aided Video Sequences T. Celik, C. Direkoglu, H. Ozkaramanli, H. Demirel, M. Uyguroglu Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  222 Extended Visual Secret Sharing Schemes with High-Quality Shadow Images Using Gray Sub Pixels Ching-Nung Yang and Tse-Shih Chen Poster Special Session: Image Secret Sharing
  245 A Novel Stereo Matching Method for Wide Disparity  Range Detection Dongil Han, Dae-Hwan Hwang, Bum-Jae You, Il Hong Suh Poster 3D Imaging
  258 Efficient Face and Facial Feature Tracking using Search Region Estimation C. Direkoglu, H. Demirel, H. Ozkaramanli, M. Uyguroglu Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  269 Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition using Visual and Thermal Imagery with Advanced Correlation filters Jingu Heo, Marios Savvides, and B.V.K. Vijayakumar Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  284 Secure and Efficient Transmissions of Fingerprint Images for Embedded Processors Yongwha Chung, Daesung Moon, Taehae Kim, Sung Bum Pan Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  286 Image Evaluation Factors Hongxun Yao, Min-Yu Huseh, Guilin Yao, Yazhou Liu Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  317 Comparison of the Image Distortion Correction Methods for an X-ray Digital Tomosynthesis System J. Y. Kim Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  318 Monoscale Dual Ridgelet Frame Tan Shan and Licheng Jiao Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  329 On the Individuality of the Iris Biometric Sungsoo Yoon, Seung-Seok Choi, Sung-Hyuk Cha, Yillbyung Lee, Charles C. Tappert Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  341 Wavelet-based methods for improving signal-to-noise ratio in phase images Héctor Cruz-Enríquez and Juan V. Lorenzo-Ginori Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  399 Recognition of Passports Using a Hybrid Intelligent System Kwang-Baek Kim Poster Image Description and Recognition
  453 Segmentation of Nanocolumnar Crystals from Microscopic Images David Cuesta-Frau, Maria Ángeles Hernández Fenollosa, Pau Micó Tormos, Jordi Linares Pellicer Poster Image Segmentation
  454 Robust Iris Recognition Using Advanced Correlation Techniques Jason Thornton, Marios Savvides, B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar Poster Face Recognition and Biometrics
  477 Background Removal of Document Images Acquired Using Portable Digital Cameras André R.Gomes e Silva and Rafael Dueire Lins Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  482 Three-dimensional Structure Detection From Anisotropic Alpha-shapes Bougleux S., Melkemi M., Elmoataz A. Poster 3D Imaging
17:00   Session FPS19 - Special Session on Secret Sharing    
  370 New Aspect Ratio Invariant Visual Secret Sharing Schemes Using Square Block-wise Operation Ching-Nung Yang and Tse-Shih Chen Oral
  403 A Step Towards Practical Steganography Systems Abdelkader H. Ouda and Mahmoud R. El-Sakka Oral
  457 Minimizing the Statistical Impact of LSB Steganography Zoran Duric, Dana Richards, and Younhee Kim Oral
17:00   Session FPS20 - Morphology    
  191 Vector morphological operators for colour images Valérie De Witte, Stefan Schulte, Mike Nachtegael, Dietrich Van der Weken and Etienne E. Kerre Oral
  447 A Morphological Edge Detector for Gray-level Image Thresholding Bin Chen, Lei He, Ping Liu Oral
17:45   Session FPS21 - Special Session on Single-Sensor Imaging    
  374 Estimation of target density functions by a new algorithm Askin Demirkol, Zafer Demir, Erol Emre Oral
  382 A Neural Network for Nonuniformity and Ghosting Correction of Infrared Image Sequences Sergio N. Torres, Cesar E. San Martin, Daniel G. Sbarbaro, Jorge E. Pezoa Oral
18:30   Closing Session    
ICIAR - International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition
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