International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition

International Conference
on Image Analysis and Recognition

ICIAR 2014
October 22-24, 2014 – Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
Association for Image and Machine Intelligence

Program Details

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  • Wednesday October 22 — 8:00-17:00
  • Thursday October 23 — 8:30-17:00
  • Friday October 24 — 8:30-15:00

General Information

  • 3 invited talks
  • 1 panel discussion
  • 107 presentations (41 oral + 66 poster)
  • 11 oral sessions
  • 3 poster sessions

Oral Presentations

  • 20 minutes per presentation including questions
  • Computer and projector are available

Poster Presentations

  • Poster size: 85 x 120 cm (maximum)


Coffee will be served during the afternoon poster sessions.

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ICIAR 2014 Program Details
October 22, 2014 (Wednesday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
8:45   Opening    
Paper ID Title Authors Type
9:00   WED-or-01: Robot Vision Room: Altair  
  331 Adopting Feature-Based Visual Odometry for Resource-Constrained Mobile Devices Michal Fularz, Michal Nowicki, Piotr Skrzypczynski Oral
  338 Biologically inspired vision for indoor robot navigation M. Saleiro, K. Terzic, D. Lobato, J.M.F. Rodrigues, J.M.H. du Buf Oral
  206 Strategy for foldling clothing on the basis of deformable models Yasuyo Kita, Fumio Kanehiro, Toshio Ueshiba, and Nobuyuki Kita Oral
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30   WED-or-02: Learning Methods Room: Altair  
  227 Improving Representation of the Positive Class in Imbalanced Multiple-Instance Learning Carlos Mera; Mauricio Orozco-Alzate; and John Branch Oral
  240 DropAll: Generalization of Two Convolutional Neural Network Regularization Methods Xavier Frazão and Luís A. Alexandre   Oral
  376 Transfer Learning Using Rotated Image Data to Improve Deep Neural Network Performance Telmo Amaral, Luís M. Silva, Luís A. Alexandre, Chetak Kandaswamy, Joaquim Marques de Sá, Jorge M. Santos Oral
  382 Conversational Interaction Recognition based on Bodily and Facial Movement Jingjing Deng, Xianghua Xie, and Shangming Zhou Oral
11:50   Invited Talk 1:
Optimization Algorithms for Sparse Representations: Some History and Recent Developments
Mário Figueiredo
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
12:50 Lunch Break
14:20   WED-or-03: Classification Methods Room: Altair  
  172 Handwritten Digit Recognition Using SVM Binary Classifiers and Unbalanced Decision Trees Adriano Mendes Gil, Cícero Ferreira Fernandes Costa Filho, Marly Guimarães Fernandes Costa Oral
  202 Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Gender Classification Jordi Mansanet, Alberto Albiol, Roberto Paredes, Mauricio Villegas, Antonio Albiol Oral
  223 A Visual-based Driver Distraction Recognition and Detection using Random Forest Amira Ragab, Celine Craye, Mohamed Kamel, and Fakhri Karray Oral
15:20   WED-po-01: Poster Session 1    
  165 Path Descriptors for Geometric Graph Matching and Registration Miguel Amável Pinheiro and Jan Kybic Poster
  166 Multiscale Shape Description with Laplacian Profile and Fourier Transform Evanthia Mavridou, James L. Crowley, Augustin Lux Poster
  178 Catalogue-Based Traffic Sign Asset Management: Towards User's Effort Minimisation Kelwin Fernandes, Pedro F. B. Silva, Lucian Ciobanu, Paulo Fonseca Poster
  179 Structural simialrity-based approximation over orthogonal bases:  Investigating the use of individual component functions S_k(x,y) Paul Bendevis and Edward R. Vrscay Poster
  180 Some "Weberized'' L2-based methods of signal/image approximation Ilona A. Kowalik-Urbaniak, Davide La Torre, Edward R. Vrscay and Zhou Wang Poster
  181 Scalable Prototype Learning using GPUs Tonghua Su, Songze Li, Peijun Ma, Shengchun Deng and Guangsheng Liang Poster
  197 Energy Minimization by α-erosion for Supervised Texture Segmentation Karl Skretting and Kjersti Engan Poster
  216 Multiple Object Detection with Occlusion using Active Contour Model and Fuzzy C-mean Sara Memar, Riadh Ksantini, Boubakeur Boufama Poster
  219 Perceptual Evaluation of Demosaicing Artefacts Tomasz Sergej, Radoslaw Mantiuk Poster
  225 QR Code Localization Using Boosted Cascade of Weak Classifiers Péter Bodnár and László G. Nyúl Poster
  249 Iterative Sparse Coding for Colorization based Compression Suk-Ho Lee, Paul Oh, Moon Gi Kang  Poster
  254 Automatic Classification of Human Body Postures Based on Curvelet Transform N. Zerrouki and A. Houacine Poster
  341 Incremental and Multi-feature Tensor Subspace Learning applied for Background Modeling and Subtraction Andrews Sobral, Christopher G. Baker, Thierry Bouwmans and El-hadi Zahzah Poster
  348 Dynamic Multiple View Geometry with Affine Cameras Cheng Wan, Yiquan Wu, Jun Sato Poster
  349 Fuzzy Integral Combination of One-Class Classifiers Designed for Multi-Class Classification Bilal Hadjadji, Youcef Chibani and Hassiba Nemmour Poster
  350 On tracking and matching in vision based navigation Adam Schmidt, Marek Kraft, Michal Fularz Poster
  358 ALOE: Augmented Local Operator for Edge Detection Maria De Marsico, Michele Nappi, Daniel Riccio Poster
  360 2D Thinning Algorithms with Revised Endpixel Preservation Gábor Németh, Péter Kardos, Kálmán Palágyi Poster
  377 A New Landmark-Independent Tool for Quantifying and Characterizing Morphologic Variation SM Rolfe, LL Cox, LG Shapiro, TC Cox Poster
  389 Face Image Super-resolution Based on Topology ICA and Sparse Representation Yongtao Liu, Hua Yan, Xiushan Nie, and Zhen Liu Poster
16:50   WED-or-04: Sparse Representation & Image Representation Room: Altair  
  297 Low Light Image Enhancement via Sparse Representation Konstantina Fotiadou, Grigorios Tsagkatakis, and Panagiotis Tsakalides Oral
  333 Noise Modelling in Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Variational Approach Adrian Martin and Emanuele Schiavi Oral
  384 A new compressor for measuring distances among images Armando J. Pinho, Diogo Pratas, Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira Oral
  385 A method to detect repeated unknown patterns in an image Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira, Armando J. Pinho Oral
19:00   Reception Location:
Hotel Vila Galé Ampalius
October 23, 2014 (Thursday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk 2:
Morphological Diversities in Astrophysics
Jean-Luc Starck
Head of CosmoStat Laboratory
Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30   THU-or-05: Image processing Room: Altair  
  226 An examination of several methods of hyperspectral image denoising: over channels, spectral functions and both domains Daniel Otero, Oleg V. Michailovich, and Edward R. Vrscay Oral
  228 Unconstrained Structural similarity-based optimization Daniel Otero, and Edward R. Vrscay Oral
  316 An Evaluation of Potential Functions for Regularized Image Deblurring Buda Bajić, Joakim Lindblad and Nataša Sladoje Oral
  319 Reflectance-based segmentation using photometric and illumination invariants Jose-Antonio Pérez-Carrasco, Begoña Acha-Piñero, Carmen Serrano-Gotarredona, Theo Gevers Oral
11:50   THU-or-06: Motion Analysis and Tracking Room: Altair  
  173 Adaptive Feature Selection for Object Tracking with Particle Filter Darshan Venkatrayappa, Désiré Sidibé, Fabrice Meriaudeau, Philippe Montesinos Oral
  244 Wavelet Subspace Analysis of Intraoperative Thermal Imaging for Motion Filtering Nico Hoffmann, Julia Hollmach, Christian Schnabel, Yordan Radev, Matthias Kirsch, Uwe Petersohn, Edmund Koch, and Gerald Steiner Oral
  383 Exploiting color constancy for robust tracking under non-uniform illumination  Sinan Mutlu, Samuel Rota Bulo, Oswald Lanz Oral
12:50 Lunch Break
14:20   Panel:
Sparse Representation for Image Analysis and Recognition:  trends and applications
15:20   THU-po-02: Poster Session 2    
  183 Weight Estimation of Pigs Using Top-view Image Processing Mohammadamin Kashiha, Claudia Bahr, Sanne Ott, Christel P.H. Moons, Theo A. Niewold, Frank O. Ödberg, Daniel Berckmans Poster
  204 SASCr3: A Real Time Hardware Coprocessor for Stereo Correspondence Luca Puglia, Mario Vigliar, Giancarlo Raiconi Poster
  209 Improving fire detection reliability by a combination of videoanalytics Rosario Di Lascio, Antonio Greco, Alessia Saggese, Mario Vento Poster
  231 Automatic interpretation of remotely sensed images for urban form assessment  John Mashford, Felix Lipkin, Charlelie Olie, Mailys Cuchennec, and Yong Song Poster
  236 Multiple Camera Approach for SLAM based Ultrasonic Tank Roof Inspection Christian Freye, Christian Bendicks, Erik Lilienblum, Ayoub Al-Hamadi Poster
  245 Automatic Annotation of an Ultrasound Corpus for Studying Tongue Movement Samuel Silva, António Teixeira Poster
  257 A Spatio-Temporal Approach for Multiple Object Detection in Videos Using Graphs and Probability Maps Henrique Morimitsu, Roberto M. Cesar-Jr., Isabelle Bloch Poster
  260 Segmentation-free Keyword Retrieval in Historical Document Images Irina Rabaev, Itshak Dinstein,  Jihad El-Sana and Klara Kedem Poster
  263 Handwritten and printed text separation:  linearity and regularity assessment  Sameh Hamrouni, Florence Cloppet, Nicole Vincent Poster
  265 Character-Level Alignment using WFST and LSTM for Post-Processing in Multi-Script Recognition Systems - A Comparative Study Mayce Al Azawi, Adnan Ul Hasan, Marcus Liwicki, Thomas M Breuel Poster
  266 Drawing Parrots with Charcoal A. Alsam and H.J. Rivertz Poster
  272 Accurate Multi-View Stereo 3D  Reconstruction for Cost-effective Plant Phenotyping Lu Lou, Yonghuai Liu, Jiwan Han and  John H. Doonan Poster
  278 Delineation of Martian Craters Based on Edge Maps and Dynamic Programming Jorge S. Marques, Pedro Pina Poster
  280 A hybrid CRF/HMM approach for handwriting recognition Gautier Bideault, Luc Mioulet, Clément Chatelain and Thierry Paquet Poster
  289 3D Spatial layout propagation in a video sequence Alejandro Rituerto , Roberto Manduchi, Ana C. Murillo and J. J. Guerrero Poster
  302 Towards a Comprehensive Evaluation of Ultrasound Speckle Reduction Fernando C. Monteiro, José Rufino, Vasco Cadavez Poster
  304 An Efficient Self-recovery and Tamper Detection Using Fragile Watermarking Sajjad dadkhah, Azizah Abd Manaf, Somayeh Sadeghi Poster
  322 Person re-Identification using Region Covariance in a Multi-feature Approach Volker Eiselein, Gleb Sternharz, Tobias Senst, Ivo Keller, Thomas Sikora Poster
  328 Automatic method for visual grading of seed food products Pierre Dubosclard, Stanislas Larnier, Hubert Konik, Ariane Herbulot and Michel Devy Poster
  329 Relevance Assessment for Visual Video Re-ranking Javier Aldana-Iuit, Ondrej Chum, Jiri Matas Poster
  344 Multi-script Identification from Printed Words Saumya Jetley, Kapil Mehrotra, Atish Vaze, Swapnil Belhe Poster
  356 Image Mosaicing by Camera Pose Estimation Based on Extended Kalman Filter Alper Yildirim, Mustafa Unel Poster
  365 Truncated Signed Distance Function: Experiments on Voxel Size Diana Werner, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Philipp Werner Poster
  386 Parallel Layer Scanning Based Fast Dot/Dash Line Detection Algorithm for Large Scale Binary Document Images Chinthaka Premachandra, H. Waruna H. Premachandra, Chandana D. Parape, Hiroharu Kawanaka Poster
16:50   THU-or-07: Biometrics Room: Altair  
  224 Multispectral Iris Recognition Using Patch Based Game Theory Foysal Ahmad, Kaushik Roy, and Khary Popplewell Oral
  282 Face and Palmprint Recognition Using Hierarchical Multiscale Adaptive LBP with Directional Statistical Features Ghada Shams, Mohamed Ismail, Sohier Bassiouny and Nagia Ghanem Oral
  291 Adaptive Haar-Like Features for head pose estimation Nam-Jun Pyun, Halima Sayah, Nicole Vincent Oral
  309 Multi-biometric Score-level Fusion and the Integration of the Neighbors Distance Ratio Naser Damer, Alexander Opel Oral
19:00   Departure to the Banquet    
20:00   Banquet Location:
Pousada Palácio de Estoi
22:30   Return to Vila Moura    
October 24, 2014 (Friday)
8:00-15:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk 3:
Sparse Stochastic Processes with Application to Biomedical Imaging
Michael Unser
Biomedical Imaging Group
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30   FRI-or-08: Retinal Image Analysis Room: Altair  
  163 A  Robust Algorithm for Optic Disc Segmentation from Colored Fundus Images Anam Usman, Sarmad Abbas Khitran, M. Usman Akram and Yasser Nadeem Oral
  298 Automatic Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Fundus Images Based on Geometric Features Isabel N. Figueiredo  and Sunil Kumar Oral
  315 Automatic Robust Segmentation of Retinal Layers in OCT Images with Refinement Stages Ana González-López, Marcos Ortega, Manuel G. Penedo, Pablo Charlón Oral
  363 Optic Nerve Head Detection via Group Correlations in Multi-Orientation Transforms Erik Bekkers and Remco Duits and Bart ter Haar Romeny Oral
11:50   FRI-or-09: Medical Image Processing Room: Altair  
  368 Nerve detection in ultrasound images using median Gabor binary pattern Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Hafiane, Pascal Makris, Donatello Conte, Pierre Vieyres, and Alain Delbos Oral
  371 3D multimodal visualization of subdural electrodes with cerebellum removal to guide epilepsy resective surgery procedures Nádia Moreira da Silva, Ricardo Rego, João Paulo Silva Cunha Oral
  374 Automatic Localization of Skin Layers in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy  Eduardo Somoza, Gabriela Oana Cula, Catherine Correa and Julie B. Hirsch Oral
12:50 Lunch Break
14:20   FRI-or-10: Medical Image Segmentation Room: Altair  
  311 On the automatic normalization of plaque regions in ultrasound images of the carotid José Rouco, Jorge Novo, Aurélio Campilho Oral
  314 Statistical-based Segmentation of Bone Structures via Continuous Max-flow Optimization Jose-Antonio Pérez-Carrasco, Carmen Serrano Gotarredona, Cristina Suárez-Mejías, Begoña Acha-Piñero Oral
  352 An Improved Segmentation Method for Non-Melanoma Skin Lesions Using Active Contour Model Qaisar Abbas, Irene Fondón , Auxiliadora Sarmiento,  M. Emre Celebi Oral
15:20   FRI-po-03: Poster Session 3    
  157 Coupled Parallel Snakes For Segmenting Healthy and Pathological Retinal Arteries in Adaptive Optics Images Nicolas Lermé, Florence Rossant, Isabelle Bloch, Michel Paques, Edouard Koch Poster
  196 Automatic arteriovenous nicking identification by color fundus images analysis Carla Pereira, Diana Veiga, Luís Gonçalves, Manuel Ferreira Poster
  205 Reliable lung segmentation methodology by including juxtapleural nodules J. Novo, J. Rouco, A. Mendonça, A. Campilho Poster
  218 Fully Automatic 3D Glioma Extraction in Multi-contrast MRI Pavel Dvorak, Karel Bartusek Poster
  234 Degradation Adaptive Texture Classification: A Case Study in Celiac Disease Diagnosis Brings new Insight Michael Gadermayr, Andreas Uhl, Andreas Vécsei Poster
  241 Periodic background pattern detection and removal for cell tracking Tiago Esteves, Ângela Carvalho, Fernando Jorge Monteiro, Pedro Quelhas Poster
  248 Grading cancer from liver histology images using inter and intra region spatial relations Mickaël Garnier, Maya Alsheh Ali, Johanne Seguin, Nathalie Mignet, Thomas Hurtut, Laurent Wendling Poster
  268 Exemplar-based Human Action Recognition with Template Matching from a Stream of Motion Capture Daniel Leightley, Baihua Li, Jamie S. McPhee, Moi Hoon Yap and John Darby Poster
  275 Gait analysis from video: Camcorders vs. Kinect Hoang Anh Nguyen; Jean Meunier Poster
  279 Automatic Tear Film Segmentation Based on Texture Analysis and Region Growing Beatriz Remeseiro, Katherine M. Oliver, Eilidh Martin, Alan Tomlinson, Daniel G. Villaverde, Manuel G. Penedo Poster
  299 Incremental Learning of Hand Gestures based on Submovement Sharing Ryo Kawahata, Yanrung Wang, Atsushi Shimada, Takayoshi Yamashita, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi Poster
  323 An automated level-set approach for Identification of aortic valve borders in short axis windows of transesophageal echo sequences (TEE) César Veiga, Francisco Calvo, Emilio Paredes, Pablo Pazos, Carlos Peña, Andrés Iñiguez Poster
  326 Computer aided hearing assessment: detection of eye gesture reactions as a response to the sound A. Fernández, M. Ortega and M.G. Penedo Poster
  336 Image warping in dermatological image hair removal Alexandra Nasonova, Andrey Nasonov, Andrey Krylov, Ivan Pechenko, Alexey Umnov, Natalia Makhneva Poster
  347 2D Appearance Based Techniques for Tracking the  Signer Configuration in Sign Language Video Recordings Ville Viitaniemi and Matti Karppa and Jorma Laaksonen Poster
  351 A New Visual Speech Recognition Approach For RGB-D Cameras Ahmed Rekik, Achraf Ben-Hamadou, Walid Mahdi Poster
  361 A Portable Multi-CPU/Multi-GPU based Vertebra Localization in Sagittal MR Images Mohamed Amine Larhmam, Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi, Mohammed Benjelloun, Said Mahmoudi and Pierre Manneback Poster
  364 Thermal Signature Using Non-Redundant Temporal Local Binary-based features Adnan AL ALWANI,  Youssef CHAHIR and  Francois JOUEN Poster
16:50   FRI-or-11: Applications Room: Altair  
  283 Using Scale-Space Anisotropic Smoothing for Text Line Extraction in Historical Documents Rafi Cohen, Itshak Dinstein, Jihad El-Sana, Klara Kedem Oral
  162 Detection of Hemorrhages in Colored Fundus Images using Non Uniform Illumination Estimation M. Usman Akram, Sarmad Abbas Khitran, Anam Usman, Ubaid ullah Yasin Oral
  168 A fast plain copy-move detection algorithm based on a structural pattern and 2D Rabin-Karp rolling hash Kuznetsov Andrey Vladimirovich, Myasnikov Vladislav Valerievich Oral
  195 Multi-Sensor Acceleration-based Action Recognition Florian Baumann, Irina Schulz, Bodo Rosenhahn Oral
  258 eFis: A Fuzzy Inference Method for Predicting Malignancy of Small Pulmonary Nodules  Aydın Kaya, Ahmet Burak Can Oral
  308 Exploring the impact of inter-query variability on the performance of retrieval systems Francesco Brughi, Debora Gil, Llorenç Badiella, Eva Jove Casabella and Oriol Ramos Terrades Oral

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