Camera-ready version submission

Authors of accepted papers are required to submit their camera-ready version of your paper by May 24, 2006. Registration is required by May 24 for the paper to appear in the proceedings.

The conference proceedings will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (Springer LNCS). Authors should refer to the Author's Instructions on Springer's LNCS web site for details on paper format and to download the style/template files.

Camere-ready version requirements

  1. The number of pages is restricted to 12 pages, single-column, according to Springer LNCS style files. A maximum of 2 additional pages are allowed for an extra fee per page (please see registration page for details on fees).

    Springer LNCS author instructions:

  2. You are asked to submit:

    For papers prepared using LaTeX:

    • the source (input) files: TeX files and PS/EPS figure files
    • any non-standard style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used,
    • the final DVI file,
    • the final PS file,
    • and a PDF file of the final version.

    For papers prepared using MS Word:

    • the source (input) files: DOC file,
    • an RTF file,
    • the final PS file,
    • and a PDF file of the final version.

    Please create a ZIP or tar.gz file containing all these items and upload it at conference web site. You can submit more than once, in which case old versions will be overwritten.

    To upload the camera-ready version:

    • Please login using your account at:
    • Click the "Upload Paper" command underneath your paper title to upload the camera-ready version.
    • Make sure the file was uploaded successfully by downloading it from the server and checking its contents.

  3. Authors are required to sign a copyright form provided by Springer.
    • Please download the copyright form from Springer’s website. Visit Springer's Information for LNCS Authors page and download the "copyright.pdf" file.
    • Complete and sign the copyright form (it is sufficient if one author from each contribution signs the form on behalf of all the other authors.)
      • Conference/Book: Image Analysis and Recognition, International Conference ICIAR 2006
      • Volume Editor(s): Campilho, Aur´┐Żlio; Kamel, Mohamed
      • Title of the contribution: {Type the paper ID and Title}
      • Name and address of corresponding author: {Type the name and address of the corresponding author}
    • Fax the copyright form to the ICIAR 2006 secretariat at:
      +351-225081624 Attn: Gabriela Afonso

The type of presentation of your paper (oral or poster) will be defined after closing the period for final submission and author registration, and will be based on the fit of papers into sessions.

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