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  • Sunday, September 17 — 16:00-19:00
  • Monday, September 18 — 8:00-17:00
  • Tuesday, September 19 — 8:00-17:00
  • Wednesday, September 20 — 8:00-15:00

Oral Presentations

  • 15 minutes per presentation + 5 minutes for questions
  • Computer, data show, and overhead projector are available

Poster Presentations

  • Poster size (max): width = 85 cm; height = 115 cm

General Information

  • Oral presentations: 69 papers
  • Poster presentations: 79 papers
  • Total presentations: 148 papers
  • Total sessions: 21 (18 oral + 3 poster)

Conference Program

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ICIAR 2006 Program Details
September 17, 2006 (Sunday)
16:00-19:00 Registration    
September 18, 2006 (Monday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
8:45   Welcome    
9:00   Invited Talk    
  Self-Organizing Trees and Forests: A Powerful Tool in Pattern Clustering and Recognition Ling Guan
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   Session MOS01 - Image Restoration and Enhancement    
  274 General Adaptive Neighborhood Image Restoration, Enhancement and Segmentation Johan Debayle, Yann Gavet, Jean-Charles Pinoli Oral
  608 Frozen-State Hierarchical Annealing Wesley R. Campaigne, Paul Fieguth, Simon K. Alexander Oral
  292 Rank-Ordered Differences Statistic Based Switching Vector Filter Guillermo Peris-Fajarn�s, Bernardino Roig, Anna Vidal Oral
  462 Mathematical analysis of "phase ramping" for super-resolution magnetic resonance imaging Gregory S. Mayer, Edward R. Vrscay Oral
10:30   Session MOS02 - Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis    
  473 Using Local Integral Invariants for Object Recognition in Complex Scenes Alaa Halawani, Hashem Tamimi, Hans Burkhardt, Andreas Zell Oral
  335 Sharing visual features for animal categorization: an empirical study Manuel J. Mar�n-Jim�nez, Nicol�s P�rez de la Blanca Oral
  591 Object Categorization using Kernels combining Graphs and Histogram of Gradients F. Suard, A. Rakotomamonjy, A. Bensrhair Oral
  334 A Graph Spectral Approach to Consistent Labelling Hongfang Wang, Edwin R. Hancock Oral
12:00 Lunch Break
14:00   Session MOS03 - Image Segmentation    
  276 A Shape-Based Approach to Robust Image Segmentation Samuel Dambreville, Yogesh Rathi, Allen Tannenbaum Oral
  514 Novel Statistical Approaches to the Quantitative Combination of Multiple Edge Detectors Stamatia Giannarou, Tania Stathaki Oral
  445 Bio-inspired motion-based object segmentation Sonia Mota, Eduardo Ros, Javier D�az, Rodrigo Agis, F. de Toro Oral
  252 An effective and fast scene change detection algorithm for MPEG compressed videos Z. Li, J. Jiang, G. Xiao, H. Fang Oral
14:00   Session MOS04 - Computer Vision    
  323 Depth Recovery from Motion and Defocus Blur Huei-Yung Lin, Chia-Hong Chang Oral
  367 Using Cartesian Models of Faces with a Data-driven and Integrable Fitting Framework Mario Castelan, Edwin R. Hancock Oral
  427 Model based selection and classification of local features for recognition using Gabor filters Plinio Moreno, Alexandre Bernardino, Jos� Santos-Victor Oral
15:30   Poster Session MPS01     Topic
  328 An Efficient Post-processing Using DCT Domain Projections Onto Convex Sets Changhoon Yim Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  562 Blind Blur Estimation using Low Rank Approximation of Cepstrum Adeel Bhutta, Hassan Foroosh Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  348 An Image Interpolation Scheme For Repetitive Structures Hi�p Luong, Alessandro Ledda, Wilfried Philips Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  506 A Discontinuous Finite Element Method for Image Denoising Zhaozhong Wang, Feihu Qi, Fugen Zhou Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  458 An edge-preserving multigrid-like technique for image denoising Carolina Toledo Ferraz, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Jos� Alberto Cuminato Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  246 Fuzzy Bilateral Filtering for Color Images Samuel Morillas, Valentin Gregori, Almanzor Sapena Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  217 MPEG Postprocessing System Using Edge Signal Variable Filter Chan-Ho Han, Suk-Hwan Lee, Seong-Geun Kwon, Ki-Ryong Kwon, Dong Kyue Kim Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  419 DCT-Domain Predictive Coding Method for Video Compression Kook-yeol Yoo Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  346 Computational Framework for Family of Order Statistic Filters for Tensor Valued Data Boguslaw Cyganek Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  577 Gaussian noise removal by color morphology and polar color models Francisco Ortiz Poster Image restoration and enhancement
  442 Alternative Approaches and Algorithms for Classification Askin Demirkol, Zafer Demir, Erol Emre Poster Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
  523 A Pool of Classifiers by SLP: A multi-class case S. Raudys, V. Denisov, A. Bielskis Poster Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
  417 Gesture Recognition using a Marionette Model and Dynamic Bayes Nets (DBNs) Jorg Rett, Jorge Dias Poster Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
  555 Ant Based Fuzzy Modeling Applied to Marble Classification Susana M. Vieira, Jo�o M. C. Sousa, Jo�o R. Caldas Pinto Poster Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
  426 Integration of Expert Knowledge and Image Analysis Techniques for Medical Diagnosis P. Spyridonos, E.I. Papageorgiou, P.P. Groumpos, G.N. Nikiforidis Poster Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
  247 Accurate Contour Detection Based on Snakes for Objects with Boundary Concavities Shin-Hyoung Kim, Ashraf Alattar, Jong Whan Jang Poster Image Segmentation
  457 Graph-Based Spatio-Temporal Region Extraction Eric Galmar, Benoit Huet Poster Image Segmentation
  390 Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation Fernando C. Monteiro, Aur�lio C. Campilho Poster Image Segmentation
  399 Improvement of Image Transform Calculation based on a Weighted Primitive Mar�a Teresa Signes Pont, Juan Manuel Garc�a Chamizo, Higinio Mora Mora, Gregorio de Miguel Casado Poster Image Segmentation
  360 Topological Active Nets Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms O. Ib��ez, N. Barreira, J. Santos, M. G. Penedo Poster Image Segmentation
  467 An Evaluation Measure of Image Segmentation Based on Object Centres J.J. Charles, L.I. Kuncheva, B. Wells, I.S. Lim Poster Image Segmentation
  511 Active Shape Model Based Segmentation and Tracking of Facial Regions in Color Images Bogdan Kwolek Poster Image Segmentation
  403 A Simple Method for Designing 2D |M|-channel Near-PR Filter Banks with Linear Phase Property Guangming Shi, Liang Song, Xuemei Xie, Danhua Liu Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  469 Fast Hermite Projection Method Andrey Krylov, Danil Korchagin Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  637 Image denoising using the Lyapunov equation from non uniform samples Jo�o M. Sanches, Jorge S. Marques Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  337 New Method for Fast Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise using Fuzzy Metrics Joan-Gerard Camarena, Valent�n Gregori, Samuel Morillas, Guillermo Peris-Fajarn�s Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  236 Real Time Sobel Square Edge Detector for Night Vision Analysis Ching Wei Wang Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  584 A new video images Text Localization approach based on a fast Hough transform Bassem Bouaziz, Walid Mahdi, Abdelmajid ben Hamadou Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  502 Video Sequence Matching Using Singular Value Decomposition Kwang-Min Jeong, Joon-Jae Lee, Yeong-Ho Ha Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  170 The Papoulis-Gerchberg Algorithm with Unknown Signal Bandwidth Manuel Marques, Alexandre Neves, Jorge S. Marques, Jo�o Sanches Poster Image and Video Processing and Analysis
17:00   Session MOS05 - Image and Video Processing and Analysis    
  374 On the Adaptive Impulsive Noise Attenuation in Color Images Bogdan Smolka Oral
  587 Posterior Sampling of Scientific Images Azadeh Mohebi, Paul Fieguth Oral
  241 Background Subtraction Framework Based on Local Spatial Distributions Pierre-Marc Jodoin, Max Mignotte, Janusz Konrad Oral
  358 Morphological Image Interpolation to Magnify Images with Sharp Edges Val�rie De Witte, Stefan Schulte, Etienne E. Kerre, Alessandro Ledda, Wilfried Philips Oral
17:00   Session MOS06 - Biometrics    
  413 Is enough enough? What is sufficiency in biometric data? Galina V. Veres, Mark S. Nixon, John N. Carter Oral
  452 Improving Minutiae Detection in Fingerprints Using Multiresolution Contrast Enhancement Angelo Chianese, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Penta, Antonio Picariello Oral
  350 Face and Ear: A Bimodal Identification System Andrea F. Abate, Michele Nappi, Daniel Riccio Oral
  286 Comparison of Novel Dimension Reduction Methods in Face Verification Licesio J. Rodr�guez-Arag�n, Cristina Conde, Enrique Cabello Oral
19:00   Reception    
September 19, 2006 (Tuesday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk    
  On Optimizing Dissimilarity-based Classification Using Prototype Reduction Schemes B. John Oommen
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   Session TOS07 - Image and Video Coding and Encryption    
  491 Continuous evolution of fractal transforms and nonlocal PDE imaging Edward R. Vrscay Oral
  475 Fracal image coding as projections onto convex sets Mehran Ebrahimi, Edward R. Vrscay Oral
  424 A Permutation-Based Correlation-Preserving Encryption Method for Digital Videos Daniel Socek, Hari Kalva, Spyros S. Magliveras, Oge Marques, Dubravko Culibrk, Borko Furht Oral
  456 Blind PSNR estimation of video sequences, through non-uniform quantization watermarking Tomas Brand�o, Paula Queluz Oral
10:30   Session TOS08 - Shape and Matching    
  333 Spanning Trees from the Commute Times of Random Walks on Graphs Huaijun Qiu, Edwin R. Hancock Oral
  361 On a Polynomial Vector Field Model for Shape Representation Mickael Chekroun, Jerome Darbon, Igor Ciril Oral
  341 Shape recognition via an a contrario model for size functions Andrea Cerri, Daniela Giorgi, Pablo Mus�, Fr�d�ric Sur, Federico Tomassini Oral
12:00 Lunch Break
14:00   Session TOS09 - Motion Analysis    
  244 Global Motion Estimation: Feature-based, Featureless, or Both?! Rui F. C. Guerreiro, Pedro M. Q. Aguiar Oral
  530 Background Updating with the use of Intrinsic Curves Joaquin Salas, Pedro Martinez, Jordi Gonzalez Oral
  302 Towards a New Paradigm for Motion Extraction Luc Florack, Bart Janssen, Frans Kanters, Remco Duits Oral
  560 Optic Flow from Multi-Scale Dynamic Anchor Point Attributes B.J. Janssen, L.M.J. Florack, R. Duits, B.M. ter Haar Romeny Oral
14:00   Session TOS10 - Image Retrieval and Indexing I    
  569 Naming of Image Regions for User-friendly Image Retrieval Andrea Kutics, Akihiko Nakagawa Oral
  595 Shape Retrieval using Shape Contexts and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping Vicente Palaz�n, Andr�s Marzal Oral
  455 Topological Active Nets for Object-Based Image Retrieval David Garcia-Perez, Stefano Berretti, Antonio Mosquera, Alberto Del Bimbo Oral
  385 Iterative 3-D Pose Correction and Content-based Image Retrieval for Dorsal Fin Recognition J. Stewman, K. Debure, S. Hale, A. Russell Oral
15:30   Poster Session TPS02     Topic
  423 A Fast Algorithm for Macroblock Mode Selection in H.264 Video Coding Donghyung Kim, Jongho Kim, Seungjong Kim, Jechang Jeong Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  376 Visual Secret Sharing Scheme: Improving the Contrast of a Recovered Image via Different Pixel Expansions Ching-Nung Yang, Tse-Shih Chen Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  512 Simple detection method and compensation filter to remove corner outlier artifacts Jongho Kim, Donghyung Kim, Jechang Jeong Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  265 JPEG2000-Based Resolution- and Rate-Constrained Layered Image Coding Jing-Fung Chen, Wen-Jyi Hwang, Mei-Hwa Liu Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  535 A Fast Scheme for Converting DCT Coefficients to H.264/AVC Integer Transform Coefficients Gao Chen, Shouxun Lin, Yongdong Zhang Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  282 A Fast Full Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation Using Priority of Matching Scan Taekyung Ryu, Gwang Jung, Jongnam Kim Poster Image and Video Coding and encryption
  463 A Stable Marriages Algorithm to Optimize Satisfaction and Equity Nikom Suvonvorn, Bertrand Zavidovique Poster Shape and Matching
  271 A Novel Approach for Affine Point Pattern Matching Herbert Suesse, Wolfgang Ortmann, Klaus Voss Poster Shape and Matching
  411 Geometric Invariant Curve and Surface Normalization Sait Sener, Mustafa Unel Poster Shape and Matching
  605 Estimating 3D Facial Shape and Motion from Stereo Image Using Active Appearance Models With Stereo Constraints Jaewson Sung, Daijin Kim Poster Shape and Matching
  219 Approximation of a Polyline With a Sequence of Geometrical Primitives Eugene Bodansky, Alexander Gribov Poster Shape and Matching
  338 Fast Motion Estimation using spatio temporal filtering V. Bruni, D. De Canditiis, D. Vitulano Poster Motion Analysis
  496 Optical flow based frame interpolation of ultrasound images Tae-Jin Nam, Rae-Hong Park, Jae-Ho Yun Poster Motion Analysis
  541 An Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM Carme Juli�, Angel Sappa, Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat, Antonio L�pez Poster Motion Analysis
  245 Occlusion-based Accurate Silhouettes from Video Streams Pedro M. Q. Aguiar, Ant�nio R. Miranda, Nuno de Castro Poster Motion Analysis
  543 Inferring Stochastic Regular Grammar with Nearness Information for Human Action Recognition Kyungeun Cho, Hyungje Cho, Kyhyun Um Poster Motion Analysis
  554 Automatic Shot-change Detection Algorithm Based on Visual Rhythm Extraction Kwang-Deok Seo, Seong Jun Park, Jin-Soo Kim, Samuel Moon-Ho Song Poster Image Retrieval and Indexing
  289 QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking through Scale-space with Automatic Selection of Features Jingping Jia, Qing Wang, Yanmei Chai, Rongchun Zhao Poster Tracking
  255 Particle Filtering with Dynamic Shape Priors Yogesh Rathi, Samuel Dambreville, Allen Tannenbaum Poster Tracking
  625 A generic approach to object matching and tracking Xiaokun Li, Chiman Kwan, Gang Mei, Baoxin Li Poster Tracking
  339 A Robust Particle Filter-based Face Tracker Using Combination of Color and Geometric Information Bogdan Raducanu, Jordi Vitria Poster Tracking
17:00   Session TOS11 - Tracking    
  330 Towards Constrained Optimal 3D Tracking Huiying Chen, Youfu Li Oral
  294 A Novel Spatio-Temporal Approach to Handle Occlusions in Vehicle Tracking Alessandro Bevilacqua, Stefano Vaccari Oral
  596 Image Based Visual Servoing: A new method for the estimation of the Image Jacobian in dynamic environments L. Pari, J.M. Sebastian, C. Gonz�lez, L. Angel Oral
  222 The OBSERVER: An Intelligent and Automated Video Surveillance System Duarte Duque, Henrique Santos, Paulo Cortez Oral
17:00   Session TOS12 - Image Retrieval and Indexing II    
  266 Feature Selection for Retrieval Purposes Marco Reisert, Hans Burkhardt Oral
  305 DCT-domain Image Retrieval via Block-Edge-Patterns K.J. Qiu, J. Jiang, G. Xiao, S.Y. Irianto Oral
  309 IntelliSearch: Intelligent Search for Images and Text on the Web Epimenides Voutsakis, Euripides G.M. Petrakis, Evangelos Milios Oral
  621 Visual Aspect: A Unified Content-Based Collaborative Filtering Model for Visual Document Recommendation Sabri Boutemedjet, Djemel Ziou Oral
20:00   Banquet    
September 20, 2006 (Wednesday)
8:00-15:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk    
  Object Tracking Mubarak Shah
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   Session WOS13 - Applications I    
  343 Defect Detection in Random Colour Textures using the MIA T2 Defect Maps Fernando Lopez, Jose-Manuel Prats, Alberto Ferrer, Jose-Miguel Valiente Oral
  536 Handwriting similarities as features for the characterization of writer's style invariants and image compression Djamel Gaceb, V�ronique Eglin, St�phane Bres, Hubert Emptoz Oral
  578 NN Automated Defect Detection Based on Optimized Thresholding Hugo Peres Castilho, Jo�o Rog�rio Caldas Pinto, Ant�nio Limas Serafim Oral
  372 Pedestrian Detection Using Stereo and Biometric Information Philip Kelly, Eddie Cooke, Noel O'Connor, Alan Smeaton Oral
10:30   Session WOS14 - Biomedical Image Analysis I    
  368 Real-Time Denoising of Medical X-Ray Image Sequences: Three Entirely Different Approaches Marc Hensel, Thomas Pralow, Rolf-Rainer Grigat Oral
  366 Analysis of fuzzy clustering algorithms for the segmentation of burn wounds photographs A. Castro, C. B�veda, B. Arcay Oral
  280 Fully Automatic Determination of Morphological Parameters of Proximal Femur from Calibrated Fluoroscopic Images through Particle Filtering Xiao Dong, Guoyan Zheng Oral
  453 Transmission Tomography Reconstruction Using Compound Gauss-Markov Random Fields and Ordered Subsets A. L�pez, J. M. Mart�n, R. Molina, A. K. Katsaggelos Oral
12:00 Lunch Break
14:00   Session WOS15 - Special Session on Remote Sensing    
  378 Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours Pedro Pina, Jos� Saraiva, Louren�o Bandeira, Teresa Barata Oral
  635 Fast Sparse Multinomial Regression Applied to Hyperspectral Data Janete S. Borges, Jose M. Bioucas Dias, Andre R.S. Marcal Oral
  439 Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Precision Viticulture Marcos Ferreiro-Arm�n, Jean-Pierre Da Costa, Saeid Homayouni, Julio Mart�n-Herrero Oral
  641 Geometric and radiometric improvement of an Ikonos panchromatic image using a digital surface model Jose Gon�alves Oral
14:00   Session WOS16 - Special Session on Brain Imaging    
  422 3D Method of Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Local Information to Segment MR Brain Volumes Zhigang Peng, Xiang Cai, William Wee, Jing-Huei Lee Oral
  507 Robust Ordering of Independent Spatial Components of fMRI Data Using Canonical Correlation Analysis Wang Shijie, Luo Limin, Zhou Weiping Oral
  533 EpiGauss: spatio temporal characterization of epiletogenic activity applied to hypothalamic hamartomas Jos� Maria Fernandes, Alberto Leal, Jo�o Paulo Cunha Oral
15:30   Poster Session WPS03     Topic
  540 A Neural Network for Simultaneously Reconstruct Transparent and Opaque Surfaces Mohamad Ivan Fanany, Itsuo Kumazawa Poster Computer Vision
  264 A Light Scattering Model for Layered Rough Surfaces Hossein Ragheb, Edwin R. Hancock Poster Computer Vision
  249 Real time vehicle pose using on-board stereo vision system Angel D. Sappa, David Ger�nimo, Fadi Dornaika, Antonio L�pez Poster Computer Vision
  566 Uncalibrated Visual Servoing in 3D Workspace Paulo J. Sequeira Goncalves, A. Paris, C. Christo, J.M.C. Sousa, J.R. Caldas Pinto Poster Computer Vision
  318 A Real-time 3D Modeling System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras for Free-viewpoint Video Generation Hansung Kim, Itaru Kitahara, Kiyoshi Kogure, Kwanghoon Sohn Poster Computer Vision
  237 A Combined Radial Basis Function Model for Fingerprint Distortion Xuefeng Liang, Tetsuo Asano, Hui Zhang Poster Biometrics
  301 Automatic 3D Face Feature points extraction with Spin Images Cristina Conde, Licesio J. Rodr�guez-Arag�n, Enrique Cabello Poster Biometrics
  362 Face recognition by cortical multi-scale line and edge representations Joao Rodrigues, J.M. Hans du Buf Poster Biometrics
  600 Generic facial encoding for shape alignment with active models W. Ivaldi, M. Milgram, S. Gentric Poster Biometrics
  240 Ultra-Fast GPU Assisted Face Recognition Based on 3D Geometry and Texture Data A. F. Abate, M. Nappi, S. Ricciardi, G. Sabatino Poster Biometrics
  459 Face Recognition from Spatially-Morphed Video Sequences R. Sebasti�o, Jorge A. Silva, A. J. Padilha Poster Biometrics
  451 New characteristics for the classification of burns: experimental study Irene Fond�n, Bego�a Acha, Carmen Serrano, Manuel Sosa Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  371 The Class Imbalance Problem in TLC Image Classification Ant�nio Varej�o Sousa, Ana Maria Mendon�a, Aur�lio Campilho Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  624 Faster, More Accurate Diffusion Filtering for Fetal Ultrasound Volumes Min-Jeong Kim, Hyun-Joo Yun, Myoung-Hee Kim Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  283 Analysis System of Endoscopic Image of Early Gastric Cancer Kwang-Baek Kim, Sungshin Kim, and Gwang-Ha Kim Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  607 Multi-dimensional Visualization and Analysis of Cardiac MR Images during Long-term Follow-up Min-Jeong Kim, Soo-Mi Choi, Yoo-Joo Choi, Myoung-Hee Kim Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  389 A multiclassifier approach for lung nodule classification Carlos Pereira, Luis Alexandre, Ana Maria Mendon�a, Aur�lio Campilho Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  594 Digitisation and 3D reconstruction of 30 year old microscopic sections of human embryo, foetus and orbit Joris E. van Zwieten, Charl P. Botha, Ben Willekens, Sander Schutte, Frits H. Post, Huib J. Simonsz Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  253 Skin lesion diagnosis using fluorescence images Suhail M. Odeh, Eduardo Ros, Ignacio Rojas, Jose M. Palomares Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  549 Combining Template Matching and Model Fitting for Human Body Segmentation and Tracking with Applications to Sports Training Hao-Jie Li, Shou-Xun Lin, Yong-Dong Zhang Poster Applications
  311 Multi-font script identification using texture-based features Andrew Busch Poster Applications
  377 Comparison of region and edge segmentation approaches to recognize fish oocytes in histological images S. Alen, E. Cernadas, A. Formella, R. Dominguez, F. Saborido-Rey Poster Applications
  468 Fundamental Region Based Indexing and Classification of Islamic Star Pattern Images Mohamed Ould Djibril, Youssef Hadi, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami Poster Applications
  355 BigBatch: An Environment for Processing Monochromatic Documents Rafael Dueire Lins, Bruno Ten�rio �vila, Andrei de Ara�jo Formiga Poster Applications
  210 An HMM-SNN Method for Online Handwriting Symbol Recognition Bing Quan Huang, M-T. Kechadi Poster Applications
  296 A Novel Shadow Detection Algorithm for Real Time Visual Surveillance Applications Alessandro Bevilacqua Poster Applications
  631 A Bayesian Approach For Building Detection in Densely Build-up High Resolution Satellite Image Zongying Song, Chunhong Pan, Q Yang Poster Special Session: Remote Sensing Image Processing
  520 Striping Noise Removal of Satellite Images by Nonlinear Mapping Euncheol Choi, Moon Gi Kang Poster Special Session: Remote Sensing Image Processing
17:00   Session WOS17 - Applications II    
  349 Joint Spatial and Tonal Mosaic Alignment for Motion Detection with PTZ Camera Pietro Azzari, Alessandro Bevilacqua Oral
  430 A system for automatic counting the number of collembola individuals on petri disk images Andre R.S. Marcal, Cristina M.R. Caridade Oral
  472 Integrating Low-Level and Semantic Visual Cues for Improved Image-to-Video Experiences Pedro Pinho, Joel Baltazar, Fernando Pereira Oral
  572 Automating visual inspection of print quality J. Vartiainen, S. Lyden, A. Sadovnikov, J.-K. Kamarainen, L. Lensu, P. Paalanen, H. Kalviainen Oral
17:00   Session WOS18 - Biomedical Image Analysis II    
  576 Semivariogram Applied for Classification of Benign and Malignant Tissues in Mammography Valdeci Ribeiro da Silva Jr., Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva, Arist�fanes Corr�aSilva, Alexandre Cesar Muniz de Oliveira Oral
  204 A Method for Interpreting Pixel Grey Levels in Digital Mammography Dieter Roller, Constanza Lampasona Oral
  186 Prostate Tissue Characterization using TRUS Image Spectral Features S.S. Mohamed, A.M. Youssef, E.F. El-Saadany, M.M.A. Salama Oral
  259 Lung Parenchyma Segmentation from CT Images based on Material Decomposition Carlos Vinhais, Aur�lio Campilho Oral

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