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ICIAR 2008 Program Overview

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ICIAR 2008 Program Overview
June 24 (Tuesday) June 25 (Wednesday) June 26 (Thursday) June 27 (Friday)
  8:00 Registration 8:00 Registration 8:00 Registration
  8:45 Welcome
  9:00 Invited Talk - Max Viergever 9:00 Invited Talk - Mohamed Cheriet 9:00 Invited Talk - Fernando Pereira
  Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break
  10:30 Session WOS01 Session WOS02 10:30 Session TOS07 Session TOS08 10:30 Session FOS13 Session FOS14
  Image Restoration and Enhancement Biomedical Image Analysis I Computer Vision I Character Recognition Biometrics Image and Video Coding and Encryption
  12:30 Lunch break 12:10 Lunch break 12:30 Lunch break
  14:00 Session WOS03 Session WOS04 14:00 Session TOS09 Session TOS10 14:00 Session FOS15 Session FOS16
  Image and Video Segmentation Biomedical Image Analysis II Computer Vision II Shape Representation and Matching Face Recognition Texture and Motion Analysis I
  15:30 Session WPS01
Poster Session 1
15:30 Break 15:30 Session FPS02
Poster Session 2
  16:30 Session TOS11 Session TOS12
17:00 Registration 17:00 Session WOS05 Session WOS06 Tracking Feature Extraction and Classification 16:50 Session FOS17 Session FOS18
Non-Linear Image Processing Applications Recent Advances in Multimodal Biometric Systems Texture and Motion Analysis II
  19:30 Reception    
  20:00 Banquet

ICIAR - International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition
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