International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition

International Conference
on Image Analysis and Recognition

ICIAR 2010
June 21-23, 2010, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal
Association for Image and Machine Intelligence
International Conference on Autonomous and Intelligent Systems - AIS 2010
International Conference on Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

AIS 2010

June 21-23, 2010
Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

Conference Program Details

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  • Monday June 21 — 8:00-17:00
  • Tuesday June 22 — 8:00-17:00
  • Wednesday June 23 — 8:00-15:00

Oral Presentations

  • 17 minutes per presentation including questions
  • Computer, data show, and overhead projector are available

Poster Presentations

  • Poster size (max): width = 85 cm; height = 115 cm

General Information

  • Oral presentations: 41 papers
  • Poster presentations: 45 papers
  • Total presentations: 86 papers
  • Total sessions: 10 (7 oral + 3 poster)
Coffee will be served during the afternoon poster sessions.

Conference Program

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ICIAR 2010 Program Details
June 21, 2010 (Monday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
8:45   Opening    
9:00   Invited Talk ICIAR 1:
Decentralized sensor Fusion for Ubiquitous Robotics in Urban areas
Alberto Sanfeliu
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   MON-or-01: Medical Image Analysis    
  326 Automated Vertebra Identification from X-ray Images Xiao Dong and Guoyan Zheng Oral
  278 Automatic Corneal Nerves Recognition for Earlier Diagnosis and Follow-up of Diabetic Neuropathy Ana Ferreira, Ant�nio Miguel Morgado and Jos� Silvestre Silva Oral
  271 Classification of Endoscopic Images Using Delaunay Triangulation-based Edge Features M. H�fner, A. Gangl, M. Liedlgruber, A. Uhl, A. V�csei, and F. Wrba Oral
  353 Fusing Shape Information in Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs Amer Dawoud Oral
  198 Multimodality Image Alignment using Information-Theoretic Approach Mohammed Khader, A. Ben Hamza, Prabir Bhattacharya Oral
  251 Myocardial Segmentation Using Constrained Multi-seeded Region Growing Mustafa A. Alattar , Nael F. Osman and Ahmed S. Fahmy Oral
  275 Towards Non Invasive Diagnosis of Scoliosis using Semi-Supervised Learning Approach Lama Seoud, Mathias M. Adankon, Hubert Labelle, Jean Dansereau, Farida Cheriet Oral
12:50 Lunch Break
14:00   MON-or-02: Image Analysis in Biology    
  190 Elastography of Biological Tissue: Direct Inversion Methods That Allow for Local Shear Modulus Variations C. Antonio Sanchez, Corina S. Drapaca, Sivabal Sivaloganathan and Edward R. Vrscay Oral
  268 Optical Flow based Arabidopsis Thaliana Root Meristem Cell Division Detection Pedro Quelhas, Ana Maria Mendon�a, Aur�lio Campilho Oral
  221 Segmentation of cell nuclei in Arabidopsis Thaliana Roots Jonas De Vylder, Filip Rooms, Wilfried Philips Oral
15:00   MON-po-01: Poster Session 1     Topic
  279 A 3D Tool for Left Ventricle Segmentation Editing Samuel Silva, Beatriz Sousa Santos, Joaquim Madeira, Augusto Silva Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  193 A Framework for Cerebral CT Perfusion Imaging Methods Comparison Miguel Moreira, Paulo Dias, Miguel Cordeiro, Gustavo Santos, Jos� Maria Fernandes Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  260 A Level Set Segmentation Method of the Four Heart Cavities in Pediatric Ultrasound Images Sofia G. Antunes, Jose Silvestre Silva, Jaime B. Santos Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  239 An Application for Semi-Automatic HPV Typing of PCR-RFLP Images Christos Maramis, Evangelia Minga, Anastasios Delopoulos Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  252 Application of the Laplacian Pyramid Decomposition to the Enhancement of Digital Dental Radiographic Images for the Automatic Person Identification Dariusz Frejlichowski, Robert Wanat Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  289 Articulated Model Registration of MRI/X-ray Spine Data Rola Harmouche, Farida Cheriet, Hubert Labelle, Jean Dansereau Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  208 Automatic Information Extraction from Gel Electrophoresis Images using GEIAS C.M.R. Caridade, A.R.S. Mar�al, T. Mendon�a, A.M. Pessoa, S. Pereira Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  240 Automatic Recognition of Five Types of White Blood Cells in Peripheral Blood Seyed Hamid Rezatofighi, Kosar Khaksari, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  195 Detection of Arterial Lumen in Sonographic Images Based on Active Contours and Diffusion Filters Amr R. Abdel-Dayem Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  341 Improved Technique to Detect the Infarction in Delayed Enhancement Image Using K-mean Method Mohamed K. Metwally, Neamat El-Gayar, and Nael F. Osman Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  211 Retinal Images: Optic Disk Localization and Detection M. Usman Akram, Aftab Khan, Khalid Iqbal, Wasi Haider Butt Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  219 Using Retinex Image Enhancement to Improve the Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images S. G. V�zquez, N. Barreira, M. G. Penedo, M. Saez, A. Pose-Reino Poster Biomedical Image Analysis
  210 Denoising of Three Dimensional Data Cube using Bivariate Wavelet Shrinking Guangyi Chen, Tien D. Bui and Adam Krzyzak Poster Image Morphology, Enhancement and Restoration
  233 Morphological Thick Line Center Detection Miguel Alem�n-Flores, Luis Alvarez, Pedro Henr�quez, Luis Mazorra Poster Image Morphology, Enhancement and Restoration
  294 Adaptive Regularization Parameter for Graph Cut Minimization Sema Candemir, Yusuf Sinan Akg�l Poster Image Segmentation
  302 Fusion of Edge Information in Markov Random Fields Region Growing Image Segmentation Amer Dawoud and Anton Netchaev Poster Image Segmentation
  241 Segmentation of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery of Urban Areas Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Safaa M. Bedawi, Mohamed S. Kamel Poster Image Segmentation
16:00   MON-or-03: Image Processing and Image Segmentation    
  296 A Neighborhood Dependent Nonlinear Technique for Color Image Enhancement Rupal Patel, Vijayan K. Asari Oral
  200 Entropy of Gabor Filtering for Image Quality Assessment Esteban Vazquez-Fernandez, Angel Dacal-Nieto, Fernando Martin and Soledad Torres-Guijarro Oral
  309 Image Segmentation for Robots: Fast Self-Adapting Gaussian Mixture Model Nicola Greggio, Alexandre Bernardino, Jose Santos-Victor Oral
  232 PageRank Image Denoising Panganai Gomo Oral
  277 Queue and Priority Queue based Algorithms for Computing the Quasi-Distance Transform Raffi Enficiaud Oral
  331 Segmentation based Noise Variance Estimation from Background MRI Data Jeny Rajan, Dirk Poot, Jaber Juntu, Jan Sijbers Oral
  287 Structural Similarity-based Approximation of Signals and Images using Orthogonal Bases Dominique Brunet, Edward R. Vrscay, and Zhou Wang Oral
19:00   Reception    
June 22, 2010 (Tuesday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk ICIAR 2:
Arandom walk through spectral graph theory
Edwin Hancock
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   TUE-or-04: Image Analysis and Computer Vision    
  163 3D Human Action Recognition using Model Segmentation Sang Min Yoon, Arjan Kuijper Oral
  182 A Novel Human Motion Recognition Method based on Eigenspace Abdunnaser Diaf, Riadh Ksantini, Boubakeur Boufama, and Rachid Benlamri Oral
  354 High Accuracy Optical Flow Method Based on a Theory for Warping: 3D Extension Weixin Chen and John L. Barron Oral
  188 II-LK � A Real-Time Implementation for Sparse Optical Flow Tobias Senst, Volker Eiselein, and Thomas Sikora Oral
  273 Image-based Grasping Point Detection using Boosted Histograms of Oriented Gradients Leonidas Lefakis, Horst Wildenauer, Manuel Pascual Garc�a-Tub�o, Lech Szumilas Oral
  264 Improving Accuracy of Optical Flow of Heeger's Original Method on Biomedical Images Vladim�r Ulman Oral
  266 Shape Reconstruction from Unorganized Set of Points Yvan Maillot, Bruno Adam, Mahmoud Melkemi Oral
12:50 Lunch Break
14:00   Invited Talk AIS 1:
Multi-locomotion Robotic System
Toshio Fukuda
15:00   TUE-po-02: Poster Session 2     Topic
  223 The West Pomeranian University of Technology Ear Database - a Tool for Testing Biometric Algorithms Dariusz Frejlichowski, Natalia Tyszkiewicz Poster Biometrics
  170 3D Texton Spaces for Color-Texture Retrieval Susana Alvarez, Anna Salvatella, Maria Vanrell, Xavier Otazu Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  356 A Fast PDE Algorithm Using Adaptive Matching Scan Order for Real-time Video Coding Jong-Nam Kim and Tae-Kyung Ryu Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  246 A Geometric Data Structure Suitable for Fast Image Mining or Retrieval T. Iwaszko, M. Melkemi, L. Idoumghar Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  274 New Non Predictive Wavelet based Video Coder: Performances Analysis Tarek Ouni, Walid Ayedi and Mohamed Abid Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  202 Robust Approaches to 3D Object Secret Sharing Esam Elsheh and A. Ben Hamza Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  228 SIA: Semantic Image Annotation using Ontologies and Image Content Analysis Pyrros Koletsis, Euripides G.M. Petrakis Poster Coding, Indexing and Retrieval
  315 Efficient Methods for Point Matching with Known Camera Orientation Joao F. C. Mota, Pedro M. Q. Aguiar Poster Computer Vision
  336 Human Body Pose Estimation from Still Images and Video Frames Amar A. El-Sallam and Ajmal S. Mian Poster Computer Vision
  216 On-Board Monocular Vision System Pose Estimation through a Dense Optical Flow Naveen Onkarappa and Angel D. Sappa Poster Computer Vision
  348 Real-Time Scale Invariant 3D Range Point Cloud Registration Anuj Sehgal, Daniel Cernea, Milena Makaveeva Poster Computer Vision
  164 A New SVM + NDA Model for Improved Classification and Recognition Naimul Mefraz Khan, Riadh Ksantini, Imran Shafiq Ahmad and Boubaker Boufama Poster Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition
  224 An Experimental Comparison of Seven Shape Descriptors in the General Shape Analysis Problem Dariusz Frejlichowski Poster Shape, Texture and Motion Analysis
  215 Generic Initialization for Motion Capture from 3D Shape Benjamin Raynal, Michel Couprie and Vincent Nozick Poster Shape, Texture and Motion Analysis
  184 Significantly Improving Scan-Based Shape Representations Using Rotational Key Feature Points Yasser Ebrahim, Maher Ahmed, Siu-Cheung Chau, Wegdan Abdelsalam Poster Shape, Texture and Motion Analysis
  261 Topology Preserving 3D Thinning Algorithms Using Four and Eight Subfields G�bor N�meth, P�ter Kardos, and K�lm�n Pal�gyi Poster Shape, Texture and Motion Analysis
16:00   TUE-or-06: Feature Extraction and Pattern Recognition    
  346 Incremental Hybrid Approach for Unsupervised Classification: Applications to Visual Landmarks Recognition Antonio Bandera and Rebeca Marfil Oral
  286 Nonlinear Scale Space Theory in Texture Classification Using Multiple Classifier Systems Mehrdad J. Gangeh, Amir H. Shabani, Mohamed S. Kamel Oral
  213 The Proof of Completeness of the Graph Method for Generation of Affine Moment Invariants Tom� Suk Oral
20:00   Banquet    
June 23, 2010 (Wednesday)
8:00-17:00 Registration    
9:00   Invited Talk AIS 2:
Design and Navigation of Wheeled, Walking and Flying Robots
10:00 Coffee Break
Paper ID Title Authors Type
10:30   WED-or-07: Face Analysis and Biometrics    
  295 Advances in EEG-based Biometry Ant�nio Ferreira, Carlos Almeida, P�tia Georgieva, Ana Tom�, Filipe Silva Oral
  161 Associating Minutiae Between Distorted Fingerprints Using Minimal Spanning Tree En Zhu, Edwin Hancock, Peng Ren, Jianping Yin and Jianming Zhang Oral
  205 Facial Expression Recognition using Spatiotemporal Boosted Discriminatory Classifiers Stephen Moore, Eng Jon Ong and Richard Bowden Oral
  235 System and Analysis used for a Dynamic Facial Speech Deformation Model J�rgen Rurainsky Oral
  322 The Analysis of Facial Beauty: An Emerging Area of Research in Pattern Analysis Andrea Bottino and Aldo Laurentini Oral
  214 Transforming Rectangular and Polar Iris Images to Enable Cancelable Biometrics Peter F�rberb�ck, Jutta H�mmerle-Uhl, Dominik Kaaser, Elias Pschernig, Andreas Uhl Oral
  212 Using the Fisher-Rao Metric to Compute Facial Similarity Simone Ceolin and Edwin R. Hancock Oral
12:50 Lunch Break
14:00   Invited Talk ICIAR 3:
Reverse Engineering the Brain with Humanoid Robots
J. Santos-Victor
15:00   WED-po-03: Poster Session 3     Topic
  255 Color Texture Analysis for Tear Film Classification: A Preliminary Study D. Calvo, A. Mosquera, M. Penas, C. Garc�a-Res�a, B. Remeseiro Poster Applications
  256 Geometrical Characterization of Various Shaped 3D-Aggregates of Primary Spherical Particules by Radial Distribution Functions Marthe Lagarrigue, Johan Debayle, Sandra Jacquier, Fr�d�ric Gruy, and Jean-Charles Pinoli Poster Applications
  272 HistDoc - A Toolbox for Processing Images of Historical Documents Gabriel Pereira e Silva, Rafael Dueire Lins and Jo�o Marcelo Silva Poster Applications
  339 Non-static scenes HDRI aquisition Anna Tomaszewska, Mateusz Markowski Poster Applications
  299 Urban Road Extraction from High-resolution Optical Satellite Images Mohamed Naouai , Atef Hamouda and Christiane Weber Poster Applications
  178 Secure Iris Recognition based on Local Intensity Variations Christian Rathgeb and Andreas Uhl Poster Biometrics
  313 Two-Factor Authentication or How to Potentially Counterfeit Experimental Results in Biometric Systems Christian Rathgeb Andreas Uhl Poster Biometrics
  153 Unideal Iris Segmentation using Region-Based Active Contour Model Kaushik Roy, Prabir Bhattacharya and Ching Y. Suen Poster Biometrics
  192 Adaptation of SIFT Features for Robust Face Recognition Janez Kri�aj, Vitomir �truc, Nikola Pave�ic' Poster Face Detection and Recognition
  225 Face Detection in Low-resolution Color Images Jun Zheng, Geovany A. Ramirez, and Olac Fuentes Poster Face Detection and Recognition
  191 Face Recognition from Color Images Using Sparse Projection Analysis Vitomir �truc, Nikola Pave�ic' Poster Face Detection and Recognition
  284 Recognition of Facial Expressions by Cortical Multi-scale Line and Edge Coding R.J.R. de Sousa, J.M.F. Rodrigues and J.M.H. du Buf Poster Face Detection and Recognition
16:00   WED-or-09: Applications    
  303 A New Method for Text-line Segmentation for Warped Documents Daniel M. Oliveira, Rafael D. Lins, Gabriel Torre�o, Jian Fan, Marcelo Thielo Oral
  324 Automated Detection of Sand Dunes on Mars Louren�o Bandeira, Jorge S. Marques, Jos� Saraiva, Pedro Pina Oral
  290 Correcting Book Binding Distortion in Scanned Documents Rafael Dueire Lins, Daniel M. Oliveira, Gabriel Torre�o, Jian Fan, Marcelo Thielo Oral
  155 Digital Instrumentation Calibration Using Computer Vision Fernando Mart�n-Rodr�guez, Esteban V�zquez-Fern�ndez, �ngel Dacal-Nieto, Arno Formella, V�ctor �lvarez-Valado, Higinio Gonz�lez-Jorge Oral
  218 Directional Gaze Analysis in Webcam Video Sequences V. Vivero, N. Barreira, M. G. Penedo, D. Cabrero, B. Remeseiro Oral
  158 Image-Based Drift and Height Estimation for Helicopter Landings in Brownout Hans-Ullrich Doehler, Niklas Peinecke Oral
  187 Novelty Detection on Metallic Surfaces by GMM Learning in Gabor Space Yigitcan Savran and Bilge Gunsel Oral

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