International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition

International Conference
on Image Analysis and Recognition

ICIAR 2013
June 26-28, 2013, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Association for Image and Machine Intelligence

Registration Fees


  • All prices are quoted in Euro

Paper Registration

Due by April 8, 2013
Paper Registration Fee (1)
Extra Paper Registration Fee (2)
Extra Page Fee
(maximum 2 extra pages per paper)
  1. Will automatically be used as the Regular Registration for the registering author or co-author.
    Fee includes: Paper Registration (x1), Proceedings (x1), Reception (x1), and Banquet (x1).
  2. Second paper (or more) from the same author(s).
    Each extra paper registration can optionally be used as the Student Registration of a student author or co-author.
    Fee includes: Paper Registration (x1) and, if used to register a student, Reception (x1).

Non-Paper Registration

Before or On
June 12, 2013
June 12, 2013
Regular Registration Fee (1)
Student Registration Fee (2)
Extra Proceedings
Lunch Ticket (one meal) (3)
Extra Banquet ticket
Extra Reception ticket
  1. Fee includes: Regular Registration (x1), Proceedings (x1), Reception (x1), and Banquet (x1).
  2. Please send a proof of student status (e.g. Student ID or letter from department) by email to
    Fee includes: Student Registration (x1) and Reception (x1). Does not include Proceedings or Banquet.
  3. The registration fees (both regular and student fees) do not include the lunches. Lunch is at the Axis Vermar Hotel. There are many other alternatives in restaurants close to the venue.

NOTE: The proceedings book will be handed to those fully registered participants who attend the conference.

Hotel Reservation

The conference will be held at Hotel Axis Vermar. Accommodation at the hotel is available at the following rates:

Room Type
Rate (per night)
Single Room (breakfast included)
Double Room (breakfast included)

To make your Hotel reservation, please use the On-Line Registration Form (link below), or please contact:

Abreu PCO - Oporto Office
Av. dos Aliados, 207 I 4000-067 Porto Portugal
Tel.: +351 22 204 3570
Fax: +351 22 204 3693

Acceptable Payment Methods

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)
  • Bank Transfer

Registration Instructions

Registering one or more papers under a single participant

  1. Click on the Registration Form link below
  2. Under the Personal Information section, fill in the participant details.
  3. Under the Paper ID section, specify the paper IDs of the accepted papers that will be registered under this registration (comma-separated list of IDs).
  4. Under the Data for Receipt section, specify the data to be used on the registration receipt.
  5. Under the Paper Registration and Non-Paper Registration sections, select the registration items related to the paper being registered.
    Note: If more than one paper is being registered, use the "Add" button under the Other Participants section. Under each additional participant use the same participant data as the main participant.

Registering one or more papers under multiple participants

Follow steps 1-5 above, but under each additional participant use a different participant data from the main participant.

Online Registration Form


  • A cancellation fee of 90,00 will be charged for any cancellation requests received at least 10 days before the conference (June 26, 2013).
  • No refund will be issued for any cancellations received after June 15, 2013.


ICIAR - International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition
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